The Sola T personal golf carts have a self diagnosing system !


If you are having trouble with your scooter the horn will beep in a series of morse code like sounds. Just match the number of beeps to the chart below to help diagnose the problem .

. Troubleshooting Chart

LED Code - (Beeps)      
1-1 Thermal Cutback over/under-temperature cutback

1.Temp Over 92 C .
2.Excessive Load.
3.Extreme conditions.
4.Electric Brake not releasing.

1-2 Throttle Fault 1 throttle fault 1.Throttle input wire open or shorted.
2.Throttle pot defective.
1-3 SPD Limit Pot Fault speed limit pot fault

1.Speed limit pot wires broken or shorted.
2.Broken speed limit pot.

1-4 Low Battery Voltage battery voltage too low 1.Battery voltage lees than 17 volts.
2.Bad connection on battery or controller.
1-5 Overvoltage battery voltage too high

1.battery voltage over 36 volts.
2.vehicle operating with charger attached.
3.intermittent battery connection.

2-1 Main Off Fault main contactor driver off fault 1.Main contactor driver failed to open.
2-3 Main Cont FLT main contactor fault 1.Main contactor welded or stuck open.
2.Main contactor driver fault.
3.Brake coil resistance too high.
2-4 Mail On Fault main contactor drive on fault 1.Main contactor driver failed to close.
3-1 Proc/Wiring Fault HPD fault present for 10 sec 1.Misadjusted throttle
2. Broken throttle pot or throttle mechanism
3-2 Brake On Fault brake on fault 1.Electomagnetic brake driver shorted.
2.Electromagnetic brake coil open.
3-3 Pre charge Fault pre charge fault 1.Low battery voltage.
2.KSI and throttle turned on at the same time.
3-4 Brake Off Fault brake off fault 1.Electromagnetic brake drive open.
2.Electromagnetic brake coil shorted
3-5 HPD high pedal disable

1.Improper sequence of throttle and KSI push, or inhibit inputs.
2.Misadjusted throttle pot.