Set up for the Personal Golf Cart

1) Unpack the top of the electric mobility scooter box . It will take 2 people to lift the scooter out of the box . Please do not attempt to lift it with 1 person .

2) Remove all the parts from the box and neatly place them .

3) The rear cover is held down with Velcro . carefully remove this cover buy lifting it over the seat post .

4) Make sure the seat post is tightened or your seat will feel loose . This is a large allen bolt . The tools are in the black tool pouch sent with the scooter.

5) Install each battery . Put the red lead to the red wire and the black to the black . Make sure you tighten the batter bolt tight but do not over tighten them . You want them tight enough so the wires will not move . The quick connector will only plug in 1 direction.

6) Use the Velcro battery straps to hold the batteries in place . This will keep them from bouncing around in the battery tray.

7) Plug in the tail light connector that is attached to the rear cover.

8) Replace the rear cover on the scooter .

9) Install the seat - Take the seat out of the box - The arm rests will be located below the scooter in the styrofoam packing.

10) Pull the lever on the seat to the out position and place it on the seat mount . It should slide down into place .

11) Slide the seat arm rests into the square holes on the side of the seat . Each arm rest has a holding bolt to make sure they are secure . Please make sure they are tight .

12 ) Wheel bars THIS IS IMPORTANT

13) Slide the wheely bas into the square metal bumper on the rear of the scooter . then tighten the holding bolt found in the scooter parts to assure the wheely bars will stay in place .

14) Enjoy your scooter