The Sola Personal Golf Cart

The scooter has 3 main parts . The weights for each part are as follows.

Scooter - 176 pounds Lenght 53 Inches - Height (Folded) 27 inches - Width 25 inches
Seat - 30 Pounds
Battery - 65 Pounds 2 - 38 Anp HR Gell Batteries
Total wieght is 271 Pounds

The Sola Personal Golf Cart can handel the golf cours or the "Back 40". . It has huge 12 inch rubber tires with tubes . Front Suspencion and great durabity. The rear axel is a direct drive . This increases the stability of our scooters . The Sola Scooters are heavier than other portable scooters for a number of reasons . They are more durable and can handle better terain than lighter scooters . The Sola T has Huge 38 Amp Hr Gell Batteries. This will alow your scooter to travel up to 25 miles without recarging it .