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Electric Bicycles

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Sola Scooters has developed an electric bicycle


that operates on a low voltage hub motor that


still has enough power to transport the


largest person at a decent speed.



Sola Scooters electric bicycles have been


designed to have good speed capabilities, good


climbing quality, and very low noise output.




Sola Scooters use of advanced technology


makes it a safe and reliable vehicle that can be


used in most enviroments.



The valve regulated lead-acid batteries,


charger, and controller have all been desigened


and built using cutting edge technology to insure


dependability and reliability in the use of our


electric bicycle.


   Sola Scooters Night Rider

Power Electric
Watts 450
Amps 20
Volts 36
Batteries 3 x 12V 12AH
Tire Size 18"
Weight 120 LBS
Speed 25-30 kph
Distance 32 Miles
Throttle type Variable speed control
Key Start Yes
Braking System Front Disc, Rear Drum
Drive System Hubbed Motor
Charger Smart Charger Included
Speedometer On the Dash
Under Seat Storage Included
Turn Signals Included
Brake Light Included
Trunk Included
Horn Included
Head Light Included
Battery Meter On the Dash






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Night Rider
Night Rider
Night Rider
Night Rider




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