The Sola 3 D Mobility Scooter

The scooter has 3 main parts . The weights for each part are as follows.

Scooter - 125 pounds --- Length 50 inches - Width 25 inches - Height ( Folded 27 Inches )
Seat - 30 Pounds
Battery - 65 Pounds
Total wieght is 220 Pounds

These are durable scooters . They have10 inch rubber tires with tubes on the rear, and a 9 inch tire with a tube on the front . The rear axel is a direct drive . This increases the stability of our scooters . The Sola Scooters are heavier than other portable scooters for a number of reasons . They are more durable and can handle better terain than lighter scooters . The batteries are 32 amp hr batteries . This will alow your scooter to travel up to 25 miles without recarging it .